Roadway Construction

Construction of roads involves the paving, rehabilitation, and/or reclamation of degraded pavements in order to achieve a state of good repair and increase road traffic safety. Road construction involves the use of asphalt, liquid asphalt, concrete, soil stabilization, rebar, paving and pavement recycling machines, and other road repair materials.

Steel Rock Construction Corp. is a full-service paving company specializing in construction urban, rural, and city roadways to help you drive on smooth roads. We supply all the right equipment to cut, clear, and build roads according to the engineering specifications. We can cut, slope, and level the road as required.

For roadway construction, we handle:

  • Import/ export of materials

  • Conversion of drawings to survey data files

  • Topographic surveys and layouts

  • Sub-base construction/ soil stabilization

  • Gravel supply and installation

  • Traffic control and traffic signage

Our contractors provide culvert steaming and cleaning to prevent washouts and road flooding. Our experts will help maintain water crossings with culverts, bridges, etc. For all types of road construction and maintenance services, contact us and we’ll help you out. We save you time and money by completing your projects with the highest quality and safest way possible.