Research & Development Division

All research studies conducted in Ryerson University’s laboratory on the strength, mechanical and durability properties of the new methods and materials on structural repair and restoration.

The SRC’s R&D department mainly focus on the improving of all types of Fiber Reinforced Concrete’s (FRC) mechanical and durability properties to adopt the use of FRC materials in the Canadian restoration sector and also improving the production line, capacities and accessibility of the FRC material in the Canadian market.

Some of our collaboration with industry listed below:

  • Collaboration with Facca Inc. to repair of concrete utility poles with ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) for ENWIN utilities Ltd in city of Windsor.
  • Collaboration with Facca Inc. to study the structural behaviour of the FRC materials in structural repair of the bridge piers and girders implying MTO standards for the bridge rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of concrete and wooden utility poles: the study conducted for last 2 years on the structural and durability properties of the newly repaired poles using Engineered Cementitious Concrete (ECC) and UHPC.
  • Rehabilitation of the fiber reinforced lightweight concrete beams.
  • Study the impact of the restoration on the shear span to depth ratio of existing structural concrete beams.
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation of the shear deficient bridge girders.