Concrete Division

SRC is a full-service provider for the manufacturing of any types of special concretes, ready mix concrete and pre-cast members. We don’t just give you what you want, we help you work out what you need.

SRC Concrete Productions

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a ductile, multipurpose and ultra-high endurance concrete with steel fibers which is offering an impressive compressive strength of 150 to 200 MPa, tensile strength of 8 to 10 MPa and extensive shear without any traditional reinforcement.
UHPC is a high flow able material which can spread through the congested reinforced elements with no external vibration and cast easier than conventional concrete, to meet different aspects of project. UHPC can lessen the impact on traffic disruption, extend the durability and life span of structures and reduce the overall maintenance expenditures.
UHPC has made of fine and ultra-fine particles which leads to have an extremely dense matrix. Due to low porous and high-density structural characteristics of UHPC it has been impermeable to water, chloride and oxygen which gives almost infinite durability.

Engineered Cementitious Concrete (ECC)

Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) is a ductile and highly flowable concrete as stiff as normal concrete under normal service but yields and deforms without loss of load-bearing capacity under severe conditions. ECC can maintains a compressive strength of 30-90 MPa and tensile strength of 10-15 MPa.
The tensile characteristics of ECC lend themselves to a number of novel functions that could support smart civil infrastructure. Examples of these include, the functionalities of self-healing and self-sensing.
Tiny “micro-cracks” in the material are inevitable, and indeed, such small, distributed flaws allow the structure to resist catastrophic collapse. ECC to redistribute strain under high-stress concentrations due to its tensile strain capacity.
Self-healing ECC is envisioned to contribute to future concrete construction that can perform self-repair without human intervention when damage occurs to the structure. The self-sensing functionality enables structural health monitoring by self-reporting damage (and healing) to remote control stations.

At SRC variety of concrete mixes can be tailored to commercial and domestic purposes. We can advise you on which type of mix is best for your project if you contact our team, and we can even tailor a mix to your exact requirements.

SRC prides itself on offering clients new techniques and products to serve their most complex requirements. The design, testing and site implementation of UHPC & ECC requires extensive expertise, of which SRC has gained.